It’s Good To Question Everything and Admit When You Don’t Know Something

I’m a firm believer that questioning one’s self and one’s understanding of life to be a perfectly good and healthy thing. I continuously question myself and my understanding of life. By questioning, you are thinking for yourself which helps you learn and processes things better. By thinking for yourself and questioning everything, you aren’t limited to what you are told. Essentially it’s the process of teaching yourself how to think rather than being told how to think.

I’m in a supervisory position at my job, and whenever my co-workers question my directions I actually get a smirk on my face. I’m glad that they are questioning, it means that they are thinking. As a supervisor, I collaborate with them on how to perform the work in a faster yet efficient way. Something that most supervisors don’t seem to do, with some it’s their way or the highway.

It’s also a perfectly good and healthy thing to admit when you don’t know something. In today’s society, admitting you don’t know something is looked down upon as if one is ignorant or stupid. In reality, not knowing is better than just saying whatever the other person wants to hear. I sometimes get into debates with my parents on certain subjects, and when I don’t know, I admit I don’t know. They get a little annoyed by that, but I don’t want to just saying something that isn’t true. What I usually do is tell them I don’t know, and then bring the subject back up later on after I conduct some research on it. One of the things we have debated on was the Big Bang Theory, my mother’s response to it was “How did the big bang happen?” When I was first asked that, I replied “I don’t know, but I’ll see what I can find.” Which I later brought up String Theory, which is a theory that there is a multi-verse of universes, and the big bang happened when two universes collided into one. But ultimately, I’m not really sure what brought us to be. I ultimately believe what science says, because science is a system of trial and error and empirical evidence. Something I believe in way more than I do with faith. I still have times where I question both science and faith. Which can get a little complicated to explain.

I’m not saying that by questioning everything, you know nothing. What I’m trying to say is that by questioning both sides, you can have a better understanding of who you are as a person as well as what you know to be true. Which brings up the absolute truth subject, because for there to be no absolute truth, is asserting there to be an absolute truth. It’s like opposite day, because if it’s opposite day then it’s not opposite day. Which I probably just confused the hell out of you. What I’m saying is that you can “know” stuff to be true. For a lot of us, evolution and climate change is true. There are those out there that deny these facts, that have been under extreme scrutiny within the scientific community, to the point of being understood as true. Such as the theories of gravity and germs, we understand them to be true because it’s been questioned so many times but has come back to be known as true. However, by questioning what we know, perhaps we can discover something new that we have overlooked or didn’t quite consider. I don’t know what it would be, but the possibilities are there.

Also by admitting you don’t know something, will make you question yourself as to why you don’t know that something which inspiring for you to conduct research into that something (whatever it is). This is perhaps the best way to define thinking for yourself. Admit you don’t know, question why you don’t know and conduct research to know why you didn’t know. Anyways, I’ll end it here. Happy thinking!

And finally – Happy 4th of July!


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