A New Year, A New Beginning

It’s already 2016, wow! Now that it’s a new year, it’s a new beginning for me. I apologize for not posting anything for a very long time. 2015 wasn’t the greatest year for me. Encountered some very hard personal issues, which caused me to go into a very deep and dark depression. I’m still recovering from the depression, and maybe it’ll never go away. I know I am doing better than when I was at my worst.

On top of that, during my recovering process I’ve taken the task of keeping myself busy. I’m rather good at keeping busy. I still have my job with the school district as a Lead Engineer. I also got a job at another school district as a substitute cleaner. On top of that, I sometimes help out at Express Employment Professionals. So my workweek can be anywhere from 40 hour to 60 hours – all depends on what’s going on.

On top of working a primary job and two side jobs, I also volunteer quite a bit for the United Way and getting into the American Red Cross. The one thing I’ve learned is that, no matter how you feel, there are people out there that need help. My mission as a secular human being is to help alleviate human suffering.

Out of all this, I’d like to continue to write blogs. In my free time, I usually read books, play video games, and occasionally watch a movie. I also like to write and think, and I’d like to get other people thinking as well. If you’ve been a committed reader of the Learning Uncensored blog, you understand my desire to get other people thinking. If you are new, I’d like to welcome you to my blog. I hope you find it enjoyable. I always welcome debates as well, so feel free to post on anything you see. My plans for the blog are to post at least two times a week. We’ll delve deep into the world of religion, politics, history, science, philosophy, and all things awesome.

Thank you for reading!


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